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Fall-Winter 2021/2022

70-s America

Fashion is an essential part of culture, along with visual arts, music and dance. Through it, we communicate non-verbally. We make revolutions. We preserve heritage. We make sensations or keep silent about something important.

The history of fashion deals with questions "what is beauty" and "what is freedom".

The new FETICHE collection takes as a starting point the American culture of the 70s. This is the time when people were brave enough to express their opinion, even if it was radically different from the conventionally approved one. This is the era of Andy Warhol's experiments and irony, Annie Leibovitz's truly frank shots and Richard Avedon's honest objectivity. This is the time for a new vision and a thirst for change.

Slowly but steadily, the woman got rid of the imposed stereotypes. Her perception through the prism of male attention was outdated. Now a woman decides herself what BEAUTY is. And this is one of the main achievements of humankind over the past century.



The LIBERTY collection is dedicated to this victory.

Naturalness is beautiful.
Imperfection is beautiful.
Intelligence is beautiful.

The freedom to be yourself, not being guided by someone's expectations is more beautiful than ever.

FETICHE is delighted with the modern woman: she knows what she wants and she is not afraid to follow her inner compass.

Your freedom is our main inspiration.