For a new collection, FETICHE creates a new word - NATURELISM.
It defines not only respect for nature,
but also declares love for her the highest value.

There is light in every color.
Each line contains movement.
Every creation ever created by man has one origin.
And this is our ability to notice and appreciate the beauty of the world.

We create. And this is our tribute to nature and its beautiful creatures - flowers.


    Limited edition FETICHE bags and accessories in selected colors.

    Please note: the number of copies of the series is limited! No re-release is expected by the end of 2020.


      The first limited edition FETICHE handbags and accessories in selected colors.


        What can define a style? How is personality manifested?
        ARTICLES SS20 collection is looking for answers to these questions, combining both exceptionalism and casualness.

        Delicate vintage accent. Bold modern shapes.
        It's all about story in details and timeless classic.

        Discover, play, interpret.
        Imagine that ARTICLES are objects gathered in one gallery. Each one tells its own story, and at the same time, is part of something greater.


          The iconic bags by FETICHE, won love among fans of the brand around the world. It-bags that have become classics and remain relevant from season to season.