What can define a style? How is personality manifested?
ARTICLES SS20 collection is looking for answers to these questions, combining both exceptionalism and casualness.

Delicate vintage accent. Bold modern shapes.
It's all about story in details and timeless classic.

Discover, play, interpret.
Imagine that ARTICLES are objects gathered in one gallery. Each one tells its own story, and at the same time, is part of something greater.


    Single notes do not make a melody, individual colours are not yet a painting - harmony is born from interaction. The collection DIALOGUES draws upon exchanges overheard in nature, embodied by cohesion and unity of the natural environment.

    Water. Earth. Metal. Air.
    The language of nature is the language of pure harmony… The harmony where the elements are found in eternal interconnection. Nature, an inspired architect, never ceases to reveal itself in new intriguing ways whilst always staying true to form. Every appearance of nature is unique and integral. It follows its own truth and invariably serves a common purpose.

    No sea wave looks the same.
    Not a curve of a woman's body is imitable

    Listen to the dialogue.
    Take a closer look at the shapes.
    Feel the integrity.


      A line of basic bags and accessories for every day. Laconic models. Soft forms. Universal colors.


        The iconic bags FETICHE, won love among fans of the brand around the world. It-bags that have become classics and remain relevant from season to season.


          Conciseness, not excluding originality, and not at all simple minimalism - the distinctive features of Fetiche accessories. The combination of pure and contrasting colors on geometric blocks resemble the handwriting of Russian avant-gardists.

          Combining art, architecture and production technology, we created not just an accessory, but an art object with functional properties that transforms the style space around.