A bag is a part of your individuality. It is a manifesto of personality.

A bag is not just an accessory, nor is it a finishing touch to your look. A bag reveals character when it speaks out about your style. A bag is a part of your individuality. It is a manifesto of personality.

We would like to present to you Fetiche – an authentic Russian brand specialized in the production of bags and accessories. Fetiche is created for those not afraid of taking a step aside from the timeless classics. The brand’s clientele encompasses a range of ladies all with one significant trait: the will to experiment and play around with colours, shapes and sizes. They are active, bright, trendy and independent.

Fetiche creators are talented Russian designers and artists who appreciate the true worth of simplicity and clean silhouettes. They draw inspiration from architecture, graphic arts and avant-garde works.

Fetiche creators are persuaded that when

fashion meets active imagination and the latest trends, something powerful is born, art with the ability to change our casual perception of every-day life.

Fetiche caters to the arts. Our bags are adorned with clean lines and rich colours, superior to what some may consider a “simple item”. No, a Fetiche bag is a special object:

an object of art,
an object of desire,
an object of admiration.

We create bags that we aim to be proud of. We strive for people to mention our brand with an uncontrollable sense of surprise, thrill and joy.

Today is hence an important day. We introduce you to the world of Fetiche, and Fetiche to your world.

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