Warranty and Care

Product warranty from the manufacturer

All products are made in accordance with the requirements of the technical regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union 017/2011 "On the safety of light industry products". The manufacturer guarantees the compliance of the products with the requirements of the ECU TR, subject to the operating conditions.

The warranty period from the date of sale is set at 50 days for travel, sports, men's and women's leather bags, 30 days for small leather goods and 70 days for suitcases, briefcases and travel folders.
Locks, zippers, fasteners, fastening buttons, shoulder straps, handles, sliding carts, wheels, decorative elements of the product have different warranty periods due to the individual intensity of using the product. The manufacturer's warranty is: zippers, locks, fasteners, buttoned buttons - 30 days from the date of purchase of this product.

The warranty does not cover defects resulting from improper use:

  • mechanical damage;
  • improper storage;
  • negligent maintenance and care;
  • exceeding the load (the strength of the products is designed for a maximum load of 3.5 kg for briefcases, men's and women's bags, 7 kg for city backpacks and 20 kg for travel bags and tourist backpacks);
  • use of the product for other purposes.

Is not a marriage:

  • skin irregularities and wrinkles, small scratches on the fittings that do not spoil the appearance of the product;
  • inaccurate coincidence of the color of the product with the color of the picture on your monitor (monitor settings may be different; the color you see on your monitor, the color in the photo and the actual color of the product may have different shades, the reason is both in distortions of computer monitors and the camera);
  • natural wear and tear of the skin over time - the appearance of scratches, abrasions, changes in shape;
  • lining breaks in places where there is no seam;
  • Loss of screw-fastened fittings;
  • Acquisition by light skin of a shade of dark colored clothing (jeans, denim jackets, etc.).

The warranty does not apply to decorative "hinged" fittings - decorations. The decorative elements of the product do not serve and do not bear any load that is presented to this product to perform its main operational functions, nor are they the main design feature of the product.

Important! When making a claim, please keep the packaging of the goods and, preferably, documents confirming the purchase of this product at the place of purchase, for the entire warranty period.

Rules for the use of genuine leather products

  • Avoid unnecessarily heavy loads on your product. Genuine leather can stretch under the weight of very heavy objects.
  • If the product is loaded by more than 30%, use all the provided handles and straps during its operation.
  • Avoid sudden lifting of the product with a jerk by the handles / straps if the product is loaded by more than 50%.
  • Uneven distribution of things during stacking can lead to instability of the product, its damage, as well as premature wear of fasteners and other accessories.
  • When opening / closing the product, it is necessary to slightly lift the lock along the zipper, avoiding getting under the slider of the fabric rim or rim. Overfilling the product with things can lead to divergence of the lightning and disruption of the order of the links.
  • Avoid getting moisture on the product: strong wetting can lead to loss of appearance, deformation, roughness. It is advisable not to wear bags made of fleecy materials (suede, nubuck, velor, fabrics with a pile) in wet, damp weather. Top-dyed and light-colored leather products are not recommended for use in wet weather, rain or snow. Failure to comply with the temperature regime (below -10C) for products made of patent and artificial leather, (below -20C) artificial polymeric materials, (below -30 / 35C) natural leather can lead to cracks and tears.
  • Avoid contact with chemicals and solvents, grease and cosmetic stains. Perfume can also leave permanent stains on your bag.

IMPORTANT! Treat the product with care, do not allow mechanical damage and scratches - they cannot be eliminated in all cases.


  • Store leather goods in a cool, dry place, at room temperature, away from sources of moisture, heating devices and hot air. Dyes on leather products can be sensitive to light (fade or discoloration), so they should be protected from direct sunlight. Avoid applying strong external pressure to the product during storage, as it may lose its shape.
  • Detachable parts (handles, key rings, tassels and detachable fringes) can be stored inside the product itself, locked in a twist-free position. Bags with rigid handles should be stored upright to avoid deformation.

If the product gets wet
It is strictly forbidden to dry leather products near direct heat sources (battery, fireplace, heater, hairdryer). Drying is only possible at room temperature.

Fill the garment with paper to maintain its shape during drying and absorb moisture faster. Pre-blot the product with a clean, dry cloth. Do not wipe the damp garment with contrasting fabrics.

Caring for genuine leather products

Before wearing the product for the first time, it is recommended to soak the leather with special care products, which will increase its resistance to dirt and moisture. In case of contamination, use special products, wipes for cleaning and polishing the leather. Any funds must be applied strictly in accordance with the instructions.

All means for the care and cleaning of leather products before use should be checked on the inside or an inconspicuous part of the product.

IMPORTANT! Do not use coarse brushes, abrasive substances, as they can scratch the surface and spoil the appearance of the product. Dry cleaning is not recommended.

Suede / Velor
A product made of natural suede should be looked after with a special rubber brush and aerosol products for the care of suede products. Natural suede of any color can stain hands and light-colored clothes, especially the first time after purchase.

IMPORTANT! The use of stain removers and bleaches is prohibited. Dry cleaning is not recommended.

Patent & Matte Leather
Patent leather items should be cleaned with a soft cloth using a gloss and shine support agent. Natural leather with a matte effect also requires the use of special matting care products.

IMPORTANT! Do not treat varnished leather with regular cream or wax. It will become cloudy or dull.

Bright skin
Light leather goods require special protection from bright light and high temperatures. Excessive heat (fire, batteries) can severely damage the product. Light-colored leather products are not recommended for use in wet weather, rain or snow. To maintain the color, use special products, wipes for cleaning light skin on a regular basis. Any contamination with liquids must be wiped dry immediately before the liquid is absorbed into the skin (tea, coffee, juice, splashes from a car). Carry a soft cloth or special leather wipes with you. Please be aware that non-professional cleaning products and methods can damage the product, breaking the finish.

Dark skin
To care for dark leather products, it is enough to use special products, wipes for cleaning and polishing the leather, applying them strictly in accordance with the instructions. Leather polishes are especially recommended for dark skin care, as small scratches can be more pronounced on dark skin.

IMPORTANT! When wet cleaning, do not soak through the skin.

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